When I tuna fish, knots for connecting braid to fluorocarbon are critical to catching fish. These are also one of the most complex knots to tie. Since I often fish nights in the Gulf of Mexico, trying to retie a knot at 2am after a break off is not ideal so I strongly recommend a loop to loop connection and a wind on leader for several reasons: 1. There are no knots to weaken you line so it maintains 100% of its breaking strength. 2. There are no knots to pass through the eyes of your rod and reduce your casting range. 3. The knot to reconnect loop to loops can be loosened and wind-on leaders can be replaced relatively easily The loop to loop connection series of knots consists of three knots: 1. The loop in your main line (this video). 2. The wind on leader (video 2). 3. The knot to connect the 2 (video 3). Bill took the time to document these knots during our last trip to Cape Cod. If you are interested in tying these knots, you will need: 1. Hollowcore line (I used Seaguar Threadlock 50) 2. Fluorocarbon leader (I used Yozuri 60lb) 3. Daho Reverse Latch and Splicing needles- http://www.bhptackle.com/home.php?cat=191 4. Tacglue adhesive- http://www.bhptackle.com/product.php?productid=1487&cat=0&page=1




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