The Cedros Spinning Reels Are Strong & Dependable! Years of Usage!

For me 1yr of my type of usage equals 5-6yrs of an average weekend warrior. I've used all the Cedros models (except for the 6K) from the newly released 4K to the monster 14K. On the 8K i horsed in a Sting Ray using live crab. These salt water reels are no joke! I recently purchased another 8K as i feel that size is the best all around size for inshore species using 50lb braid. I just got the 4K but will use that for whipping "spin casting" lures & grubs.

For myself i know the Makaira Spinning Reels are the strongest out there. But i'm not rich enough to add several more for my surf casting gear. So my next best choice are the Cedros Spinning Reels. Affordable yet amazingly strong & dependable.

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