Talk about being WINDY. So we took the day off because having seniors out in 5' waves is just not in the best interest of our members. While some clubs would just fish anyway we always err of the side of our anglers when there is safety reasons involved.

Next Thursday is our annual Hard Core (MLF Format) semi-final. Since we follow a Major League Fishing format we have the lake separated into three sections. We alternate the sections going round and round throughout the year, During the year anglers must catch 6 LB or more in one tournament and fish at least 6 Hard Core tournaments to qualify for the semi-final. Or fish 80% of them.

At the semi-final registration on Thursday morning a section will be drawn and the members informed. Two weeks after that event will be the final. This will be made up of the top 50% and another section will be drawn. This makes pre-fishing very difficult for the up coming championship.

LFA fishes 50 Thursdays a year (unless cancelled for cause) only at Lake Fork. For info send me an e-mail to

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