Okuma's Popular Baitcaster Gets Spooled Today!

I got this baitcaster BNIB a week ago. I really want to go use it but have to first familiarize myself with this unit as the last casters i fished with was the Komodo 350 & 450 years back. Every caster is unique and offers unique features. I just received new casters so thought i'd give my older models from my Maine trip to friends who love to hit Lake Wilson for fresh water shore casting.

Spooling the Helios SX slightly differs from the deep spools of the Kimodo's as those employ deep spools that holds more line. I'm going to have to hit my storage unit to find a C-class rod to get me by as i'm still waiting for ordered rods to arrive.

Attached Files Helios Spooling Cover.jpg

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