I was unable to get back up to Rayburn this weekend but did however get on lake Houston Saturday morning for a couple hours and the bass were ready to play. Started out way up the east fork and about 200 yards up Nobblers creek on the left in all of jammed up logs. Started throwing the Soft Belly Floom Spewer but just couldnt get them to hold on to it so I made a quick switch to the wrinkley bladder booster in the 7 inch black and blue and started get some action most being in teh 2 to 2 1/2 pound range. Stayed up in there for about 45 minutes at which time I decided to move about a mile further south and really hammered them on the fast moving sparkling tummy spinner in the blue and yellow color. I decided to to move out into the deeper water and picked up a couple on the deep diving snappin wabbler. Decided to slow down a little and ended up catching a few on the Chartruse and Blue gruntin lizard with the 6 inch rattling snout trailer.
Hope this helps you guys that fish lake Houston or those that have been wanting to try it. Hopefully I will get back to Rayburn next weekend and can update that report.