Hello again,

Along with my post for boat shopping I am also looking for a place to put it. I live in Carrollton and have used the dry storage at Pier 121 (now safe harbor I guess) before. I love that it is covered and I have never had an issue with security. My only issue is that it does not have electric in the stalls so keeping my batteries charged (trolling etc.) is near impossible without pulling out batteries every time I use them and charging them, putting them back when I return. I mean I can do it but it's a pain in the [censored]. A 110 plug and a three bank charger would be ideal.

I am looking for dry, secure storage that is somewhat near where I am (Carrollton, Texas). If you have or are using it why you like it and any other advice or ideas you might have would be great. I live in a small, golf course community and there just is no where to put it at home and my garage is pretty short. Even a break away won't fit on most even 17' rigs with a fold-away tongue.

I appreciate any advice or ideas.