Changing Out The Alijos Drag Cam on a Okuma Lever Drag Reel!

This "How To" video is the same process taken to install a Makaira TDC Drag Cam already being offered by Okuma. The Cam shown in this video is not a Makaira TDC Drive Cam. It's a special Universal Cam for the Alijos Reel. Most of the single speed 12 & 16 Alijos units for 2022 already have them installed. But the simple process shown of replacing a Cam is universal for all Okuma Lever Drag reels.

A TDC Drag Cam was designed to give a more gradual ramp over aggressive heavier drag outputs often associated with using IGFA approved line strengths . Since i don't have a Makaira Reel or a Makaira TDC Cam i used the Alijos Reel w/a Alijos Cam. The simple process is still the same for exchanging lever drag cams.

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