The 3 Advantages of Using Fishing Line From Soft Steel!

In the last few years Soft Steel has offered some amazing products that has impressed independent testers. I use these 3 types of line for my whipping (spin casting) & dunking (bait casting) applications.

1) Stretchable Fluorocarbon Leader Line called "Fluoro-Stretch". Has incredible line strength even with knots. An independent tester BD "Bloody Decks" tested the 40lb Fluoro Stretch to 57lb but it didn't snap (puller only could go to 57lb).
2) Eminent Braid-A 8-carrier mainline that was high knot strength and abrasion resistance.
3) Super HT Premium Monofilament Line- Fluorocarbon coated. High breaking strength and exceptional knot strength.

I use all lines produced by Soft Steel. Their lines are extruded overseas in Japan. The newest addition is bulk fluorocarbon mainline that is thinner than monofilament, heavier than water with little line memory and affordable. Expecting ordered bulk spools soon.

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