Okuma's SMOOTH Carbon Fiber HSX-30 Spinning Reel!

This is the 2nd generation of the Helios Spinning Reel introduced during the 2016 iCast Show. I've used many spinning reels most of my life from the Caribbean to the shores of Easter Island. For its price range, or beyond i can't remember any other model as reliable as the new Helios line of spinners. In the past few years i've use all the available models. They all had 1 common denominator. All the models were incredibly smooth. Smooth. SMOOTH!

Model Reviewed- HSX-30
Braid Line Capacity- 180yd/15lb, 130yd/20lb
Gear Ratio- 5.0:1
Mono Line Capacity- 6lb/220yd(0.22), 8lb/170yd(0.25), 10lb/120yd(0.30)
Line Retrieve- 27.8in
MaxDrag- 13lb
Weight- 7oz

For several years i've been using all the available models. My friends that use Helios also are happy with their units. I'm extremely happy to receive another Helios as i now can try another line type & strength. I can give a seminar on the Helios because i not only use it but i swear by it.

• Light weight C-40X carbon frame and sideplates
• C-40X Cyclonic Flow Rotor for corrosion resistance
• TCA: Torsion Control Armor reduces twisting
• 8HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings
• Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
• Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
• ALG: Precision AlumiLite alloy main gear and oscillating gears
• Rigid, machined aluminum, anodized handle
• Light weight, EVA handle knobs for comfort
• Precision Elliptical Gearing system
• Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool
• Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire
• RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System
• Helios SX spinning reels are backed by a 1-year limited warranty

This prompted my next unboxing coming soon THE HELIOS SX LOW PROFILE BAITCAST REEL. After a few years of using all the Helios Spinners i'm game for another new Helios:)

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