I have been driving in for 35 years to fish one of the best unknow lakes in Mexico. Lake Oviachic has been the most consistant lake on the chain. Reservations filled up fast for Jan. 6th and Feb. 9th.. No cabins availabe for March; but I am on the waiting list.

I still have room for you to take your truck/boat and follow us down for 6 days of fishing. I can accomodate ONE team or 3 in your boat for each of the two trips. The trip runs about $3,000 and we are gone 10 days. This will include everyone in your group for meals, boat food, motels, cabin, gas, insurance and papers to make the trip.

Contact by Email is best, so I can send you the list to get you ready. I help you with every step of this trip at no chage except for the reservation fee of $500 to cover your cabin and meals at the lake per person. Breakfast will be served each morning in my cabin which is included. Steaks and all the fixings will be on Monday night on my back deck. This is the best trip you will ever make.

Each person you work with holds some promise to your future success.
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