Why Fish Using Different Bells? So Each Rig Has It's Own Sound!

When i shore cast my rigs i need to set the hook and start bringing the fish in before it either throws the hook or a predator pulls it off after the strike. I fish with 1-3 rigs. Depends on the location & topography of the area. In some spots i'm not able to visually keep track of my gear so i need to know which rig to run too.

So i purchase my bells that have different decibels. Some areas have high winds so i need to place 2 bells on them. If my rod has no glassed-in bell tubes i use Tony Lopez's Bell Holders. Why would you use multiple bells that are all the same day or night? You could if you could visually keep all in view, but in some localities that may not be possible. The only exception to me not using bells is if others are close by but not within eyesight or ear shot of a bell going off. Don't need others rushing over.

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