SunStrip by RigStrip For Fishing Rods to Firearms & Bicycles!

RigStrips was kind enough to send me their SunStrip for me to try in Hawaii for my fishing rods. So i tried the Strip with a dunking (bait cast) & whipping (spin cast) rig. No problem. I drive a Honda Pilot SUV. So on my vehicle I found using extremely thick rods like a GT "Ulua" rod will depend on the rod brand you use & the type of vehicle you drive since the epoxy build above the rod's fore grip can vary in thickness & in the rod's height. But that is a specialized rod not often used outside of Hawaii. If your GT epoxy build is higher just move the Strip to an area that is higher to compensate.

If you drive a truck to a van you can mount the Strip higher. My large SUV may be basic but is also Euro-styled as well. It adheres just fine. The magnets are covered so no scratches from using this. At most locations when i unload my equipment i do lean my rods against my Pilot. If it's wet or there's gusty breezes your fishing rods "may" slide down. Yes, this has happen to me before. My falling gear has scratched the surface of my SUV & pick-up and the impact on hard ground can dent or scratch your rigs. So now the SunStrip is in the back for when i'm taking gear out.

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