This Is The Way I Configure My 3-Way Swivels For Surf Casting!

I prefer this style of using 3-way swivels. When i was a youngster i remember catching a baby Hammerhead Shark off town & that small shark "popped" the rivet-style ringed swivel. Since then i've only used this style that has held GT's to Sharks in Hawaii to Drums in Florida. I prefer 2 sizes. Inshore the 3/0 & 2/0. Bigger rigs to night usage the 4/0 & 3/0. I did try the 3/0 & 3/0 and it was ok for inshore rigging. I tried it because at that time it was the only "dull" finished swivel available.

I prefer the Black Nickel 3-ways. No shiny surface. I've done very well using these. I'm guessing the normal shiny surfaces will catch the sun's rays when turning on the bottom due to surge and/or current. All spear fishermen know this as a sign of a fish turning. I'm guessing that "flash" might scare the fish away? In any event they work. If it ain't broken why fix it. Correct?

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