One Of My Secret Weapons For Shore Whipping Revealed!

I made this video weeks ago but decided for the first time to junk the whole project. But i looked at it again & elected to post it minus the field testing & how i put my rigs together. During the testing i caught a fair amount of Akule "adult Scads, not the young Halalu Scads" that started to attract anglers. Then i unintentionally started to feed a friendly seal so decided to leave.

A guy came up to me & showed me his Tungsten pieces. Seems this local angler knew of the benefits of using these flipping weights. I learned to use Tungsten of Jupiter while "punching" through weed with my diving buddy Wayne Harland. That was years ago. Since then i never reverted back to using Tungsten. Only now i'm using it again due to Mustad sending me some boxes to try out.

It's no big secret why Tungsten is better then lead. It's much denser then lead so if you're throwing 5/8oz the Tungsten weights will be much smaller in size then the lead. It'll be harder for the fish to see at a distance. Won't be as shiny as lead. And because of this i've reduced my leader length. Another improvement is coming shortly with the introduction of a special mainline being extruded in Japan as i'm typing this.

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