I have these Crappie Condos-Fish Attractors for sale. Sizes are Large(two sizes) and Small. They are fully assembled and ready to drop in your favorite fishing location. You should see fish around them in a few day. They have concrete in bucket and 4 stabilizers on bottom. The handle is left upright to lower into water. Located in Sherman, TX


FISH OASIS: Acts as a fish oasis sanctuary for all types of prey species and baitfish providing them with food sources and a protective structure. Predator fish are then drawn to these sites to take advantage of the available baitfish
PROVIDES DENSE STRUCTURE: Simulates natural habitat such as buck brush and cedar. Will not hang your line or hooks, Lures and hooks will slide right thru the plastic limbs without hanging up.
THE PERFECT GIFT: Makes a great compliment to any gift.
ADD MORE FISH ATTRACTORS: Increase the diameter of your habitat's surface area by clustering more Fish Attractors to your fishing spot. Makes a great addition to your dock and fish feeder by attracting more fish

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