With Halalu Schools (Young Scads) Frequenting Our Shorelines I Decided to Have an Ultra-Light Rig Ready to go by Putting it Together! From Spooling Line to Matching up Equipment:)

I used my most sensitive & lightest rod & spinning reel filled with 4lb monofilament ready to go in minutes. Most of my equipment is for medium to extra-heavy applications. I don't have many finesse rigs so decided to put this rig together & field test it. I received the rod from Dave Brown at Okuma & the Helios from Jeff Robles of JRA. I purchased the snaps & Kastmasters off eBay & purchased the Vinyl Pipe at POP at Pier 38 in Honolulu. The 4lb mono came from Dave Brown of Soft Steel.

So i put everything together & field tested this rig at my testing grounds at Chocolate Beach. Now i'm ready to go when a bait school is spotted. Or when i'm that lucky angler that finds it first.

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