Fishing is definitely getting tougher for the bank beating anglers. But at least it wasn't as hot as it could have been. Overall the fish caught this week were smaller than anytime so far this year. A record number of anglers fished today since we have resumed after the worse of covid. We have a good setup for social distancing while still being able to fish and enjoy the day.

All fish 10" and up are keepers. Only the best 5 count.


First Place went to Bill Ailes of Sulphur Springs with 3 bass for 8.83 LB with he boater lunker of 3.16 LB.
Second Place went to Tim Gold of Mineola with 5 bass for 7.58 with a 2.88 LB Lunker
Third Place went to Dennis Bubinas of Lake Fork with 6 bass for 7.05 LB. .with a 2.02 LB Lunker
Fourth Place went to Galen Smith of Alba 6 bass for 6.59. with a 2.74 LB lunker
Fifth Place went to Curt Blount of Lake Fork with 10 bass for 5.73 LB with a 1.45 LB lunker


First Place went to Ken Kielbas of Arlington with 6 bass for 13.70 LB with the co-angler lunker of 5.28 LB.
Second Place went to Bill Pigg of Allen with 2 bass for 6.25 LB .with a 5.08 LB lunker .
Third Place went to Jimmie Bright of Frisco with 4 bass for 5.44 LB. with the lunker of 2.49 LB.
Fourth Place went to Jackie Price of Alba with 1 bass for 3.46 LB.
Fifth Place went to John Shinn of Van with 3 bass for 2.79 LB which a 1.37 LB lunker.

We caught 80 keepers today with two anglers skunking. No stories about the big one that got away again.

The LFA fishes every Thursday except T-Day and Christmas on 2 different formats. A 5 fish limit we call LFA and a MLF style format where every fish counts we call Hard Core, 3 special tournaments and an end of year dinner. We are a club of 56+ seniors (Mostly) and are very liberal on members being for off vacations and medical issues. Even though we are practicing social distancing and wearing masks, we have about 13 sitting out from Covid exposure,

Right now we are looking for more members.... BOATERS FISH FOR FREE.
For information e-mail me at Call 903-440-2797 You can check out our website at

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