The Magnetic Cast Control is Based off the Spool! No Magnets Used!

The is the NEW Alijo's12-SII release for 2022. I was sent this unit to field test for possible release next year. So far the casting capabilities for a medium sized level wind is quite impressive. Using a 7oz lead bank on a HCS 14'2" Surf Rod i'm able to hit 70-90yds. But when i add a casting trigger supplied to me by John Truong of Boiling Tuna it's now 90-110yd.

Now distance is not always the most important feature of casting, it's accuracy. Using a longer rod supplies me with both attributes. So far i'm loving this conventional caster! To achieve this level of free spooling often requires special ceramic bearing replacements. I'm getting these casting benefits straight out of the box from the factory.

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