I've ALWAYS wanted & loved 1-piece rods over any other type of rod.

My first GT rod was a custom 13ft 1pc Saber made by Fuji Fishing Supply in Kaimuki back in the 70's. But the lengths became cumbersome to transport & store. Nowadays 1pc rods are expensive since the transportation cost are much higher. The 7ft Epixor i just received was shipped in a heavy 7-1/2ft canister. To get a decent price on a 1pc rod you need to find a local dealer who'll bring in a container to cut the shipping cost. Why are 1-piecers so desirable? The sensitivity to nibbles & fast reactions to bites. I never thought i'd own another 1pc rod unless it was customized. Turns out Okuma markets 3 models of the 7ft & 3 models of the 7'6" single rods.


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