...that I am not catching near the quantity than i have been but the quality has been much better.
I have gotten away from throwing crankbaits and it's cousin in that type bait/lure and went back to the basics and throwing plastic.
For two months now I have thrown the C-rig with Zoom lizards or worms which have produced my bigger fish so far this summer. The second thing I have really concentrated on is throw a flipping jig. I have always threw a swimming jig but just went to flipping and hoping a jig.
With just those two type lures my guess is my average bass now weighs in around 2 pounds whereas before I swear I would catch every 1 to 1.5 pound bass in the lake.
I'm sure once the weather starts cooling off in October I will go back to throwing crankbaits, chatterbaits ,spinnerbaits more often. One of my go to lure, the Ned Rig has really went downhill for me this year. That use to be a lure where I knew I could grab 5 fish and then begin culling my limit. Now it is, I can't even get a nibble from fishing the Ned Rig.

2020 Nitro Z20, Mercury 250xp 4 stroke
"Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is called Fishing and not catching"