This Reel Has a Non-Magnetic Cast Control! Casts Extremely Far!

Okuma is preparing to release its newly renovated Alijos Conventional Reel next year. A few prototypes were sent to testers to see if anything was missed at the factory. I love this non-magnetic cast control! I've had mag reels before. The ramping of the magnets was ok on mag controlled reels to me over the years. So understanding a non-mag reel took a minute for me to absorb the mechanics involved.

I've used this unit in really bad weather. So since my hands were going to be wet all day i installed a Casting Trigger from John Truong of Boiling Tuna. Boy, my grip felt secured and i was able to center myself to really put some "oomph" into my casts! I was able to get a few small strikes but still looking for that "big boy" that'll stress the gearing to see how it'll fare on larger species.

More than testing & researching statistics every long cast i make i'm developing a trust with this unit. All hunters & anglers have to have trust in their equipment before tackling our intended prey. I'm in constant contact with the research developers on my progress. I still need to hook a substantial sized fish to deliberately put resistance on the internals. Right now weather is the issue. I got drenched making this review in the rain & wind & will be paying for it the rest of this week.

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