My Most POWERFUL Rated Rod & Reel - Together!

I've had these items for months but were mounted separately on other rigs. The 12' Rockaway HD was w/a Cedros 14000 Spinner & my Makaira 10K was on my 1pc 7'6" PCH Plugging/Jigging Rod. Never occurred to me that together this would be the pinnacle of my surf casting rigs! Today i purposely stopped by one of my fishing spots to put this video together with items that Okuma wanted me to field test in our local waters. I'm still mixing equipment together so that the attributes benefits one another. I used a 5oz lead bank and casted this over 100yds today. Yes, i remembered my line counter today & my extra spool. My main spool w/50lb mainline was amazing.

Then i used my 2nd spool w/65lb and i was averaging just over 90yds. That slightly thicker line did make a difference. More wind resistance does slow the cast. Both lines are Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. The rod's rated starts at 6oz but i forgot to bring heavier casting weights. I also forgot to side mount a Breakaway Canon on my rig. This would've greatly increased my casting distance (i learned about side mounting for distance from Mark Gonsalves). This rig is a "meat & potatoes" rig. Meant for hooking & hauling in fish from shore. I love the feel & weight during the handling & casting.

If i were to use it off a boat/kayak i'd go back to the 1pc PCH 7'6" rod. I don't need to haul in a fish to know i'm in love! Already thinking of how to top this. Next year the NEW 12' Solaris Surf SSX for spinners will be coming out by Okuma. That surf casting rod has a line rating at 20-60lbs, a 70/30 blank configuration & like the HD rod is rated @ an amazing 6-16oz! That would make a great 2nd surf casting rig w/maybe a Makaira 20K spinner?

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