Like all of our Thursday daytime tournaments we try to give our members something different and unusual on three 5th Thursdays through out the year. Today was our annual team tournament. In this case it is a 5 fish limit paying 4 places with 2 lunker payouts and added money from the treasury. The team members are made up
starting with the boater that is 1st on the AOY race with the co-angler who is at the bottom of their AOY race and progressing down the list until all are seated.

So what we are scoring is the best 5 fish 10" and longer. As with all of our tournaments the fish are caught, measured, recorded, pictures and then released. Slots count.

First Place Team goes to Don Overstreet (first tournament back from knee replacement surgery) and partner Bill Ailes both from Sulphur Springs
with 5 for 15.70 LB with the boater lunker of 6.89 LB.

Second Place went to Dennis Bubinas and Tom Whitrock both from Lake Fork with 5 for 15.27 LB with Co-Angler Lunker (Tie) for 4.31 LB.

Third Place went to Charlie Abresch of Hawkins and Scott Powell of Lake Fork with 5 fish for 11.93 LB and a co-angler lunker (tie) for 4.31 LB.

Fourth Place Galen Smith of Alba and Jimmy Bright of Frisco with 5 fish for 11.25 LB. with a 3.62 LB lunker.

58 fish were caught and there were no skunks.

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