Field Testing The Alijos Prototype Reel! Showing The Ability to Cast Far Using Boiling Tuna's Casting Triggers! And How i Tie in Whole Fish as Bait!

The Alijos Reel by Okuma (field testing a prototype for Okuma)
This is the revamped Alijos w/improvements. To me the major noticeable feature is the non-magnetic cast control, yes non-magnetic. Because of this i was able to cast a whole fish far distances. I wasn't able to put real load onto the reel, only light resistance. More field testing is required. Really want to try the 2-speed function for over-powering the fish. I was extremely surprised by the casting distance achieved. Using braid helped but it was the Casting Trigger that gave it that "oomph". The rod used was the HCS 14'2" Surf Rod. I was using 5oz banks but 6oz would've been better (ran out). So far the Alijos gets an A+. Still have to test it more.

The Casting Trigger by Boiling Tuna (reviewing for John Truong)
In a word. Wow! I had a 14'2" 3pc surf rod w/a filled #12 sized conventional reel. To put power behind a cast for distance isn't easy. It was storming & my hands & gear was wet. The weight of the rig would normally make me grip it more. But the Casting Trigger gave me added confidence that i wouldn't release my rig during the cast & it created a "fulcrum" point to balance out my power w/the rig's weight. I loaded the rig using a large bait that had definite weight. The Trigger helped balance the weight by creating a power point, like a fulcrum. I was impressed. Nothing but good reviews from me & others that tried these Triggers. Triggers also gets an A+!

My System of Rigging a Whole Fish as Bait
This was a smaller fish that was "soft" by being in the freezer too long. It was breaking apart. A fresh firm bait would've held together without the use of bait thread. I had to tie in the bait so it wouldn't "fly apart" during the cast. It did. Yes, didn't look appealing but both my rigged baits took massive strikes. Everyone has their own tried & true system, this one for larger whole baits is one of many i employ.

The combination of a good surf rod, an excellent conventional reel & using a casting trigger made this my best rig in my arsenal! I met quite a few anglers that day who recognized me. I let 2 of the "hard core" ones try my rig. Man, the look on their faces! The nice big guy blew me away by casting my 5oz way over 100yds easy! He agreed that the feel was genuine and wanted to purchase a trigger but didn't want me to show him in my vid (something about work). I receive no payments for my reviews. But i do have to believe in them as i've turned down many products to try.

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