Want a chance to win a guaranteed Bondafide RS 117 Kayak!!!!

Kayak will be given away at the end of each monthh.

Anyone is eligible to fish; you can fish from a bank to a boat to win prizes. We will give prizes to the top six places. First Place is a HOOK REVEAL 7X SPLITSHOT, Second place is a pair Wileyx Sunglasses, Third place is a Lew’s Reel, Fourth Place is a Prize Pack (Shirt and Jigs), 5th places is a Prize Pack (Hat and Liquid Mayham) and 6th place is a prize pack (Bug Band and Hero Clean) and also have bragging rights over your friends. Go to https://tourneyx.com/app/category/armybassanglers/ and sign up as angler and then click on the tournament that say Armybassanglers monthly tournament. Entry fee that goes to help Armybassanglers an organization that is involved in major charity events across the country dedicated to supporting fellow service members across the outdoors. Members volunteer their personal time to support these events each year. These are just a few of the ways the organizations live up to the SUPPORT pillar in their three-pronged mission statements. , then go fishing and start submitting you fish thru tournyx online or thru tourneyx app. If you have any question please email them to aba_tournaments@yahoo.com. To learn more about Armybassanglers go to http://www.armybassanglers.com/about/ , also follow us on Facebook @ armybassanglers to see the winners. Result will be posted. This is a five fish tournament. The Winner of the Kayak is responsible for shipping.
(No Code Numbers will be accepted, only Identifiers with our logo and month that we released).