Casting Triggers From Boiling Tuna Products by John Truong!

These casting triggers are a cast assist device to be used on conventional reels. They allow the caster to better secure the reel during the cast thus increasing the casting distance. For those with arthritic conditions to the beginner or just the casting pro w/wet slippery hands these casting triggers will help you achieve greater distances by being able to grip the reel with authority.

Men, women or teenagers these triggers will give you the ability & confidence needed to become good shore casters. If you lack upper body strength to having physical inflictions it won't matter. I'll be testing this rig & others again but will video my next sessions. I feel everyone should be aware of this product as it'll improve your casting ability. I have no affiliations with Boiling Tuna or John Truong. His contact info is posted below-

Boiling Tuna Products
"Trigger Clamps & Fishing Products" from Garden Grove, CA

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