Recommended Footwear For Shoreline Protection!

Having protective footwear in Hawaii is important for the outdoorsman. We have spectacular hiking along volcanoes to pig & deer hunting & fresh and saltwater fishing. To do this safely wearing the right type of footwear to match the right conditions are important.

Being a diver, boat owner & shoreline angler i'm used to using the right type of footwear to match my surroundings. I'll be showing several types of footwear that will help protect you from jagged lava rocks to sharp coral & slippery algae mats. Your areas may not have all the dangers that we have in Hawaii but proper foot coverings will help protect you when unforeseen accidents occur.

In Hawaii we fish areas of slippery algae covered reef flats to sharp jagged lava benches. I try to wear the right foot protective gear to match my environment. For all around "everything" usage i use the spiked neoprene tabis. These are distributed by local distributor Izuo Brothers. I got my pair at J.Hara in Kaimuki, where i grew up. Most tackle stores carry these. Another popular choice are the spiked tabis that have "felted" soles from Hanapa'a in Kalihi. I keep a basic neoprene pair of tabis in my car in case i find myself fishing at the spur of the moment. Be safe out there:)

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