Introduced Species is Damaging The Reef Ecology!

Cephalopholis argus (gets up to 20in)
Peacock Grouper
Bluespotted Grouper
Argus Eye Grouper

Back in the mid 50's the Hawaii Legislature brought in several large shipments of juvenile fish from the Marquesas to "seed" throughout the islands. The Argus Grouper "Ro'i", Bluestriped Snapper "Ta'ape", & the Blackfin Snapper "To'au". Today these species are considered as rubbish fish that compete and prey upon more highly desirable reef fish.

Also the Ro'i is a known carrier of Ciguatoxin which can kill or cripple you. But still this delicious fish has a local following. In Chinatown on Oahu i've seen Ro'i averaging $15-22lb. Even at large fish markets like Seafood City in Waipahu they're being sold.

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