Which One Is The Best One For Your Needs?

For months i've been using easily the 2 best portable fishing rod racks out on the market. I've fished piers, jetties, lava flow outcrops to coral reef flats & sandy stretches. Throughout my day & night trips i've discovered pros & cons of both units. Wasn't expecting the cons but let me explain the differences of both units.

The Taco Rod & Reel Portable Rod Rack w/Wall Mount-
This rack can accept up to 4 rigs. Very lightweight & keeps the rods aligned during transport. The immediate drawback was the rigs on the bottom, Without a leg system to elevate the front if you used spinners you'd be damaging the bail wires when placed on the ground. But after discovering this i still used it by either placing the rack in my utility wagon or on a 5gal bucket. Or i just held it & took the 2 bottom rigs out first. Also my main concern is placing the holder on soft fine sand. That'll create disaster for any reel to have that sand enter the reel's mechanism! Comes with a wall mount so you can prepare your rigs the day before.

Rod Runner Portable Fishing Rod Rack-
I was expecting no problems with this highly touted rack. Comes in either white or grey, 3 or 5 rig capacity. The first thing i noticed using the 5 rod rack carrier was it was heavier then i expected. But the weight was equally distributed even though i was using my right wrist that was busted last year, still wasn't a problem. The legs weren't wimpy & equally handled the weight. Even though there was elastic straps to steady the individual rods in each tube on the longer +9ft lengths the rods were swaying back & forth. I had problems with my 12' & 13' rods. The tips were crossing over & clashing together. Over time this will cause noticeable damage to the epoxy coating. I had to use a rag strip to secure the rod's tips. Very disappointed about this discovery considering the initial purchase price & the added shipping. But again i found a way to correct this with a throw away rag so problem once again solved.

When i go out fishing i bring half the store with me for 2 day trips with enough food & water plus bait. I have multiple action cameras, lights & other video equipment. I spend the first 10-15min cleaning up every area i visit because some anglers don't care enough about others. I hope i gave enough insight to narrow your choices of rod racks to choose.

For me it was close but the Rod Runner Portable Fishing Rod Rack is by far the better potable rack.

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