Dunking Dead Baits During a King's Tide To Show Beginners How to Surf Cast From Shore!

Today was a King's Tide so most shoreline fishing spots were wide open, even with school out. Last week this place was packed. Today it was a ghost town. I needed to make a simple video of casting dead baits from shore, which we refer to as Dunking as many beginners were messaging me on what equipment they need & how to go about this.

I knew my chances wasn't good on catching a Jack or a Bonefish today due to the tides. I ended up crispy fried from the sun. At the end i did hook a large Porcupine Fish (hate those). I hope this quick video will give the beginner a "How To" on what to purchase & piece key pieces of equipment together.

Recommended Pieces of Dunking Equipment For Beginners-

1 or 2 5gal bucket.

Beach wagon w/fat tires (optional).

1 or 2 surf casting rods for spinners or conventionals (9-13ft).

1 or 2 reels (for the beginners spinners are easier to use).

Braid or monofilament line for your reels (some stores will spool for you).

Leader line (i prefer fluorocarbon but thicker monofilament will suffice).

Selection of hooks (circle hooks 1/0 to 3/0 is a good start).

Swivels (3-ways are the best when using lead banks).

Lighter mono for lead line (50% rating of main line).

Lead banks ( 2-4oz is a good start-buy extras).

Sand spikes (if you can use all aluminum/pvc won't last).

Rubber mallet (to pound the sand spike in/optional).

Rock spikes ( useful in certain areas).

Good pair of thin work gloves.

Pliers (preferably long nose).

Knife (fillet knife is good w/sheath).

Scissors (heavy duty kitchen shears are the best).

Fishing Bells (really helps to detect nibbles).

Cooler (Have plastic bags for the fish so it won't stink it up).

Cords w/biner clips to secure your rigs.

Water jug.


Good hat/sunglasses & sunscreen if needed.

Today i brought the kitchen sink! I wanted to show what items i use. On the bags of leaders i just bring 1 bag. I leave extra spikes in my car so i brought them all in the wagon just for this. Basically my cooler, (food, bait, ice) 1/2gal water jug, 2 spikes, 2 bells, 2 buckets, 2 fishing rigs, 2 tie-down lines, terminal tools (kitchen shears, knife, long nose pliers), about 6 pre-rigged leaders with different hooks is all i really need. I can sling on an insulated backpack while carrying my buckets. I bungee my rigs on my pack. Enjoy!

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