Closed Pier - Watching Others Fish Just Before Closure!

Known as Broken Pier because the military won't put money into repairing it. I spent my own money & time hauling garbage out twice a week to circling areas w/paint that are dangerous. I'd come in just to keep-up policing the area so it wouldn't be shut down (my gas cost was high). I was spending money on extra heavy duty bags lugging out garbage to colored tape. My wagon collapsed under the weight of an abandoned grill & had to spend over a hundred to get another. I was happy to do this so others could enjoy this area.

In the 70's i was a member of Sea Lancers Dive Club on the next pier. I used to take military service personnel out diving off my boat, i even saved the life of a military diver (Carl Scambeluri) who the military rents land on Guam for their base from his family. After diving some of us would walk over to fish here. I even helped drill holes for spikes. I also found a torpedo from a Japanese mini sub that i took EOD to at the Reef Runway. We used to dive the channel from buoy#3 to the channel marker buoy#1. I had the "Little Mo" dwarf my boat when it entered Pearl as i was diving buoy#1. Man, saw plenty of sharks & uluas out there over the years!

As an HMSS (Hawaii Marine Science Studies) instructor we took marine biology teachers here on field trips from around the World to study Marine Biology at this pier. Before we could park at the entrance of the pier. So i have a lot of history here and i put in my time to help others as well. It really made me sad after 911 that we could no longer dive there. I used to take out colonels diving & fishing there. Things have changed. I have easily over 100hrs of fishing videos from that pier. 1,000's of pics. I just found these few in an unmarked folder so i thought i'd share it.

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Traveled the World diving & fishing. Became a ranked billiard player in Asia. Won a few senior bowling tournaments. I travel to the US, Australia & Europe working with museums & doing educational lectures.