Have a 2015 Tohatsu (Honda BF225) motor. It's a rebranded Honda, same engine as Honda BF225.

Used to start fine. Past couple trips, I will turn key to on. Let gauges go through startup procedure , and then turn key to "Start". Nothing will happen for 5 seconds or so, and then engine will start normally. LIke there is a delay from the time when I try to start it, to when the signal finally gets to the motor to start.... Sometimes the pause is shorter, sometimes longer. Sometimes, I will turn to "start" and the motor will click, but then nothing happens. I can leave the key in the "start" position, and it will pause 8 seconds or so, and then start normally.

So far, luckily, it has never not started, nor has it stopped once running. But i would like to track down the issue.

Any thoughts?