What I Use For Shore Casting!

I've been getting asked what i bring with me when i go fishing day or night. Shore casting "Dunking" to Spin Casting "Whipping". So my most used system for my shore wagon for daytime usage is my Mac Wagon. When i fish at night it's roughly the same except i bring bigger casting rigs, an insulated large backpack, warmer clothes, a lantern & a lighted headband.

This day i decided to do my shoot in front of Downtown Honolulu. I knew it wasn't a good day to fish. It was a KING TIDE day. All day no nibbles. Also hardly anyone else around. At the end of the day i threw my bait into the water and 2 monster sized Porcupine Fish gobbled-up everything. I kinda knew it was going to be this bad but i needed to try out some gear.

For those that asked me what equipment i bring i hope i answered your questions. Everyone has their own system, this is mine. Unfortunately i do bring a lot of gear. Producing my videos does require extra gear at times. And this day i was exhausted in the heat as i shot pics & vids for 3 videos. I also ended up giving half my food & drinks away. Also some sample hooks & a few pre-rigged Mustad leaders to those few anglers that wanted to try something "different" from their normal rigs.

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