Keep Your Baits Away From Crabs! Save Monet by Saving Your Baits!

When i fish sand flats to muddy bottoms i'm expecting to see my rod tips "dance" & my bells start to jingle by crabs. I really don't like bringing my lines in after only 20min & see no bait left and in most cases cutting & re-tying my leader line. This'll shorten my leader over time & i'll need to replace that line.

Everything spells time & money spent when it can be easily remedied. I use drilled cork balls with plastic line stopper caps. We all know how expensive fluorocarbon leader line can be. Also buying bait. Since i've started using cork balls i'm saving money on both.

In this video i'll show how to properly attach the cork system to your existing leader line. Just bear in mind that the cork will impede casting distance due to wind resistance so i add a once more to my normal casting weight.

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