Commonly Referred as The Mini Inks!

In 2019 Mustad launched the long anticipated Ink Vader Octopus Lures. Now Mustad has released their Ink Vader Mini Octopus Lures. The 2 eyes on the Duratin Tenya hook offers the versatility of vertical jigging to horizontal casting. Mini Inks "their new nickname" with the red eyes are 20g zinc weighted while the gold eyed Minis are 30g lead weighted.

Available with either the single double hook eyed Tenya Duratin hook or the double assist Duratin assist hook with a 55lb braided double leader line. These 10cm (4in) lures are very realistic that if you rig a Mini Ink under a float rig that a slight current will give the lure a life of it's own. The dual trailer hooks are Duratin Ultra Points #11837NP. The single Tenya Duratin hook is an Ultra Point #37151NP. The 100cm/4in body is a TPE skin. My desire is to shore cast these lures.

There's 2 different hook styles, 2 different casting weights, 9 different colors for each style & theres 9 different colors of outer skin replacements available. Besides boats this can be shore casted to fishing off a kayak. This is going to be a great summer!

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