Claims another life at the Tx City Dike. The hole is on the west side of Mosquito Island...a banana shaped reef . A 23 y/o man's body was recovered after he went missing. I was just down there a few days ago to renew my combo license when I saw two fisherman near the edge of the hole. To my knowledge, this area is not marked with a warning sign. A generic one is at the entrance to the Dike warning people of currents and such. I have knowledge of people fishing there with waders on....the kind that can fill up with water id you fall off into a hole. Once they fill lose. Recently an 8 y/o boy drowned off a G-town beach area where rip tides pulled him under. He was found 6 miles from where he went down days later. RED FLAGS indicating strong rip currents were NOT flying at the time. The boy was down visiting from St. Louis.

If you know someone that plans to come down this way, whether wade fishing or just swimming off these beaches..please inform them of the attention to ...WARNING SIGNS or RED FLAGGED areas , IF the flags are flying or not.

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