First Lake Baccarac 2022 Trip Announcement:
These trips can book fast in advance so. Dates are May 2 thru 9, 7 nites 6 days 2150.00
This is first come, first served with the $600.00 deposit holding your spot till January.
This is the same exact days we did for the trip we got off of last week. in our small group we caught 3 double digit fish (lost a bunch), at least 6 fish over 9 and hundreds over 5lbs. Good mix of numbers ranging from 20 to over 100 per day. Biggest 5 fish bag was 43lbs and change. last count I had 9 people broke their Personal bests. Most did it on day 1.
On this trip we caught most of our fish on Spinnerbaits and Traps with a minor of Underspins and 8XDs. if your used to fishing open water during the fall, fishing the trees at low pool is a nice change up of scenery and styles of fishing. Come Join us at the Jurassic park of Bass fishing. Feel free to share!