While under a tornado watch and just following a night and early morning of rain and storms we launched the boat and headed out for an uncertain day of fishing. By the time we reached our first spot the winds had died and the shad were spawning on the banks. But biting. Not so much. The bass certainly were feeding but throwing in where the blowups was going on they were not hitting our baits.
That was until I switched over to a really little swimbait on a drop shot from which I managed 2 slot fish. But, it was all over by 8 AM (we started at 6:15 AM) For the next 6 hours it was peck, peck, peck by little fish. Everyone was complaining except the fortunate few that landed a sizable fish.
On 5th Thursday we put on a special tournaments with added money from the treasury. Each angler can only count his biggest fish. The boaters did a lot better than the co-anglers which is normal.


1st Place Randy Bunch of Lake Fork with a 6.15 LB. Lunker.
2nd Place Tim Gold of Mineola with a 6.03 LB.
3rd Place Dennis Bubinas of Lake Fork with a 5.14 LB.
4th Place Curt Blount of Lake Fork with a 3.48 LB.
5th Place Bill Ailes of Sulphur Springs with a 3.25 LB.


1st Place Bruce Allen of Lake Fork with a 4.16 LB Lunker caught on a drop shot.
2nd Place Alf Tuggle of Cypress Springs with a 2.12 LB.
3rd Place Ken Kielbas of Arlington with a 1.75 LB.
4th Place Bob Lambert of Lake Fork with a 1.35 LB.
5th Place Jackie Price of Alba with a 1.15 LB.

7 anglers skunked. It was a very tough day.

Currently Lake Fork Anglers is looking for boaters. This is a good deal for boaters. Because our co-anglers contribute to the boater's normal expenses at each tournament basically paying their entry fees, so the boaters fish for free.

For information e-mail me at sjbasser@gmail.com or PM me or here. Check out our website at www.bassfin.com/

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