I have a 2020 Model Kistler Helium I would like to sell for $275. It is a 7โ€™3โ€ Heavy 5-power moderate action rod. This was the last year they used Gary Loomis NFC blanks, so you will never have to worry about breaking it. It is their T800S High Modulus graphite and has Fuji Stainless steel guides. It is a good rod, comparable to a G.Loomis GLX in weight and sensitivity. I am selling it because I have caught the Megabass JDM bug, and want another one of their rods. I also have a 2020 Kistler Feel n Reel, I would like to sell or trade another Feel n Reel for. Iโ€™ll ask $200. It is a 6โ€™9โ€ APP FNR and I would like to trade for the same rod but a 7โ€™0โ€ model. Itโ€™s in great shape too, just the handle is a little short for my liking. Send me a message if youโ€™re interested. Iโ€™m north of Houston in the Spring/Woodlands area and would love to conduct business if youโ€™re interested. Thanks.