I just pulled this post from here but decided to address it.

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In light of the recent bans on people that post things that others find annoying I can no longer enjoy this site in good conscious (probably getting banned for criticizing the regime running this thing anyway). That is absolutely no different than what China & Twitter is doing to people they want to silence. It shocking and even more shocking is how comfortable everyone has become with silencing dissenting opinions. It’s a sick behavioral pattern that doesn’t end on Fishing forums. If you can justify it here then you’ll justify it later on something more important. The dominos are falling.

If someone is not using derogatory language, is not threatening harm or violence on anyone, is not violating any social
Norm, and not a danger to anyone, is silenced simply because the powers at be found them Annoying or disagree with their takes then that platform is as Un-American as the woke socialist running Tech today. TFF is arbitrarily deciding what topics we can discuss on the site and when to enforce its “rules”. I’ve witnessed rules 7, 8, 9, & 11 broken consistently by the “in crowd” on here attacking people like Big 0’. They bring more vitriol and hate in their replies then the OP ever does. Big O’ has been called multiple names and put down constantly and he never stooped down to their level and yet he gets banned. And people are still trying to disparage Big O after and still not being stopped.

Ultimately, There is no requirement to read posts, no requirement to engage in posted threads, no requirement for you to give 2 seconds of your time to posts you disagree with, but for some that is too difficult to do. So instead they choose to attack and force out and when that doesn’t work they remove (or support the removal) those they disagree with. Eventually everyone on here will have the same opinions and thoughts and can sit around telling one another how great each other’s farts smell. Would that give you guys enough safe space to feel comfortable?

Enjoy your circle jerk gentleman.

#1 We don't arbitrarily decide what to pull. Read our rules at https://texasfishingforum.com/rules.htm. Read the extra rules for the bass forum at https://texasfishingforum.com/forum...in-the-bass-fishing-section#Post9095190. We ask that you address your problems about administration offline.

#2 As for banning the Big O account, read rule 8. Big O is a troll with an axe to grind and has become a toxic member. She/he is obsessed with MLF. We're tired of it. We asked Big O to change the interaction and focus on the positive BASS has to offer, gave numerous chances and finally got tired of the CONSTANT negativity. Big O was given every opportunity to chill.

#3 Comparing us to socialism or communist China is absurd. TEXAS fishermen run this forum. We give people way more chances than 95% of the forums out there. I know of other forums that have banned Big O. People don't like an obsessed person on a toxic mission. Most of the time, even permanently banned members are let back on our forums if they contact us.

#4 We have way more information behind the scenes than most of the members. There are often things you are not aware of when we make decisions. And that's one of the reasons we discuss administrative decisions offline. If some member is acting crazy because his wife committed suicide, we aren't going to engage in a debate with you online about why we are giving the member more chances than normal. There is WAY more going on in the running of these forums than the members know.

Running forums or any business, you learn that you can't please all the people all the time.

Sorry to lose you. I hope you find a forum that suits your needs.

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