Hello TFF Members,

I would like to reach out and see if any you who have both experience in the bass game as well saltwater surf fishing (maybe even some kayak fishing just beyond the surf breaks) can advise me on which of my heavy duty largemouth bass fishing lures/rods to expect to be useable while fishing from the surf please? I will be fishing on the western cost of Mexico on the coast of some beaches near Puerto Vallarta. I have a few 8.5" Medium Heavy to Heavy Power Flippin and big Swimbait Rods matched with some large line capacity spools like Shimano Tranx 300s which I was planning on spooling up with 30-50 braided line attached to a 10" steel leader but unsure yet as this salt game is quite new to me. I would prefer to be casting and retrieving a lure rather than casting out and putting my rod in a rod holder mounted into the sand as that's just not my style...yet....

It seems that the local fisherman casting past the surf breaks from the shallows here throw a lot of 4" top hook swimbaits, large 6-8" jerkbaits, and heavy 1.5-2.5 oz white colored tailspinner leadhead jigs with a bucktail skirt and big white grub around beach areas with some rock nearby. Fishing with an artificial lure is my goal yet I am not even sure what type of fish I will be targeting. I would like to also bring a couple of larger spinning rods/reels for even more casting distance and line on the spools but my oversized baitcaster rods/reels for my big swimbaits/crankbaits may have to do for now. I also considered packing some of my spoons, lipless crankbaits, top hook swimbaits in my salty bass lure tackle box but will wait to see your replys. There has to be some of my bass tackle that will get crushed in the salt as well I would hope!

I would very much appreciate it there is anyone here on the TFF that can advice me on what bass rods and perhaps line/lures should be in my surf/kayak fishing tackle. I am open to trading some bass fishing tackle for some western Mexico saltwater surf fishing and kayak fishing tackle if anyone is interested. Any help would very very much appreciated my friends. Tight Lines!


SM Fatherree