I have a 1991 Sea Nymph (lowe) 195 fish and ski style I am looking to sell shortly. It has 2 soft spots in the floor I am dealing with just due to the fact that they have worn and gotten soft (not rotting just used [censored] wood in that deck. The rest of the boat is solid aluminum including stringers etc so no rot no waterlogged foam etc. If it went as it sits id sell it for 3800 if I patch the floors it would be closer to 5500-6k. One could easily just retop the area under the drivers seat and the small spot up front to get by for a number of years much of the floor is perfectly fine.

It is other than the floor in extremely nice shape and has never seen salt (its a great lakes boat that came from NY). Its very similar to an older lund with heavy aluminum. Has a low hour rude 90 that runs perfectly, brand new trolling motor and batteries, cover, ttop, soft enclosed style cover for fishing/trolling in cold or rain, trailer is in great shape and is galvanized, has a radio in it, tows a tube great has lay out seats on the passenger side that fold up into a back to back etc. I am certain there are more extras im missing.

Its been yearly maintained with new gear oil, has had the LU checked all is good, new water pump, recently cleaned and serviced carbs, has extra props etc. I am looking for a bassboat again as I have a large offshore center console for taking the family.

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