Today I was at a public boat ramp fishing when I started seeing some small baitfish bust on the surface. I thought they were small shad and I had a 1/4" mesh cast net in the car so I threw on them and to my surprise pulled out 4 spottail shiners and a dozen or so of the largest inland silversides (4-5") I've ever seen. I threw back all of the silversides since I never have luck keeping them alive, and kept the spots to try to use as bait. They got slammed by crappie, but it was hard to hook them without killing them due to their small size (~3"). If you've used either of these baitfish as actual bait without killing half of them just by hooking them, how would you recommend fishing them? I'm thinking it may have only been that my #1 octopus hooks were too thick for the job but I figured it was worth posting here before I go buy any hooks that I don't already have on hand.