Found this on Facebook. I have registered myself and my boat but they still need
32 more boats. Only 8 have signed up so far. Below is the FB post and the link to sign up. Thanks TFFers!

Needed at joe pool

Iā€™m in NEED of volunteer boat captains for CAST For Kids. This is a special needs event where you take a participant (special needs) and their parent out on the lake in your boat and teach / help them fish. Once done we meet back up, have lunch and hand out awards. This is the first annual CAST For Kids event at Joe Pool Lake. Our pavilion is at Lynn Creek and there is a boat ramp there. If you can help that would be amazing. I have 40 special needs participants and so far only 3 boat captains. If you have questions please ask. Otherwise please click the link to sign up. April 18th is the event

Captain Cook