The one that got away... So let me start by saying I've been having trouble locating bait these last couple trips. When I do find good schools to throw on I come up empty which tells me they are tiny threadfins. I will get the a few here and there but it takes a good bit of time. I will keep the net handy so I can throw throughout the day and I always manage to keep bait on my lines but I'd rather get a cooler full on ice and not have to think about it. Yesterday started out calm. Weatherman was wrong again, this time in a good way. I was able to chase bait in areas I didn't think I would have been able to. I got enough to get started and I put baits down in about 4 feet of water. Surface temp was 63 degrees. Crazy how much the temp varies. When I left the marina it was 58 degrees and the farther north I got the warmer the water was. Action was steady but not real fast. I caught a nice box of eater for dinner last night. Curiously they were all males. I looked at the stomach contents and they were stuffed with tiny threads from the shad kill. Mostly digested and the bites were aggressive so I'm thinking the effects of the kill are behind us. Anyway, here is a link to my catfish fail yesterday. Tell me what you would have done different to try and get this fish in the boat.

Catfish Tim
🐟🐟"If it doesn't have whiskers, it's just bait"🐟🐟
Romans 8:1