Hey everyone. Have a real head scratcher here....

Decided to crank the boat up for the first time in about 5 or 6 month. Amazingly, did not even have to charge the batteries...just a few squeezes of the bulb. Purrs like a kitten. BUT, we have no water circulation.

First thought, impeller. Drop the lower, impeller looks OK. Pull the thermostat, looks fine. Ran water through the water lines, no obstruction. Put it all back together, still no water. If we put ears on it for water, at a decent amount of flow, we will get circulation (with or without the t-stat). So the lines seem to be fine. But, if we drop it in a tub (instead of the ears), we get nothing. So, i order a new impeller kit, thinking the other is just fatigued or something. New, impeller, gasket, pump plate and key. Installed. No change.

Also, when we turn the shaft when the lower is out, the shaft and prop turn fine. It just appears that no suction is being developed. Any clues anyone???