REEFMASTER Waypoint Manager for Lowrance

Much needed management for Lowrance waypoints, routes & trails.

The ReefMaster Waypoint Manager is a brand new, standalone application designed specifically to work with data from Lowrance sonar units.
Today we are announcing an early release of this application, ahead of a full launch over the next few weeks.

The Waypoint Manager does much more than just make managing your waypoints easy, including:

Import export of Lowrance USR file format in versions 3/4/5/6.
Import and export Google Earth, CSV and GPX file formats./li]
Display, edit and manage waypoints with full equivalent Lowrance icon and colour sets.
Display, edit and manage routes and trails.
Easily select groups of waypoints, trails or routes for export, editing or deletion.
Group editing operations on waypoints and trails, including icon and colour, label visibility and more.
Merge or split data files.
Simple to use waypoint duplicate-removal tool: delete waypoints with identical locations, or within a certain distance.
Full multi-channel sonar viewer for Lowrance SLG, SL2 and SL3 sonar log files.
Copy and paste trails and waypoints directly from Google Earth.

The Waypoint Manager is free for existing users of the standalone Sonar Viewer: Simply download using the link below, and activate using your existing Sonar Viewer key. New users can purchase the Waypoint Manager for an introductory price of US$39 (+tax).

Download the Waypoint Manager here!

As this is still an early access release, please do contact us with any feedback that you may have about the application.

Note that, unlike the standalone Sonar Viewer, the new Waypoint Manager does not require hardware graphics support, and should run on any PC running Windows 7 or later. Does not run on a MAC or under a MAC virtual-machine image.

Please note that the Waypoint Manager is only compatible with Lowrance data files.