its time to find a home for the Rod/Reel combo.

Never found the owner of the rod, and offered it to a couple people but they passed. They were humble and declined as they were setup pretty good already. DFW area preferred. If you know of a youngster who has the "bug" or love of Bass fishing who meets the following criteria.. Looking for someone who doesn't have much tackle or equipment. Usually there are a few kids that fish clubs, where their parents dont participate. Definitely not a youngster who's dad has a brand new boat.. Im looking for that kid who gets the job done with what he has.. Says "yes sir", and the such. I know there are probably many that you can think of that fit the description. I can pass the rod-reel over to someone if we need to relay it. Would definitely need to get their parents approval. Or if you are in a club and want to surprise the youngster that is good by me. Really feel like this should be gifted. My son was "Blessed" by Jigger on the forum last year and he knows what it is like to be surprised. Will prob throw in some goodies as well.
I added the video down below, you will see the transformation that occured. The reel had a thick coating of grease on the parts, this is what saved the reel IMO.. The oil I use from (Dads ol tackle) is a synthetic thin lube that is magic.

Original Thread. lost rod/reel thread from 2020

Rod/reel video: Password is "sand".

God Bless and stay healthy..