With boats costing more than cars these days I thought why not get my boat ceramic coated. I have a neighbor who does auto detailing for mostly custom cars and high dollar automobiles. He is a full-time firefighter and does this on the side. I took him my car to trade in. He made it look brand new on the inside. I got $1,000 more by him detailing it and it was only $175. My truck is ceramic coated so I asked him about doing it to my boat. He said he's done a couple. Ceramic coating prevents water spots, prevents scratches and nicks, and gives an outer protection. He will also wash, wax, and clean the entire boat with ceramic coating for $500. Mine is getting done Thursday. I think it's really going to help prevent water spots on cowling and top cap. That price is for your typical 19-21 foot bass boat that is in good condition. He also does wet sanding and polishing to bring back the shine to faded gel coats. The price depends on the amount of work, but I can tell you he is super reasonable. Super nice and friendly guy who stands behind his work. I get nothing from this, he is just a standup guy who has done great work for me. His name is Todd. He lives in Rockwall. Tell him Billy sent you.

Rodd Todd's Garage