Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC] January 2021 (1-8-21 Fri. PM):

Latest items acquired for Spring Training--->>> "The Quest for 'The Giant'" include ... I got a few fishing tackle items, such as anchor rope with steel clip (but may just use the 1/4" solid braid for the anchor line of one side of a "Planter" trotline from a 60 to 75# 3.5 gallon bucket of concrete to the white fender float). I also bought Larry (my nephew) and Jimmy (my cousin) new lifejackets. You see, they will be helping me get back into fishing once again, as well as Eric (my son-in-law). I already got him a lifejacket earlier this year (in the Spring), plus Kristina (my daughter), Willan (my grandson), anch Chelsea (my granddaughter). And of course for a late Christmas 2019 (as I was in the hospital in December 2019), I got Melina (my niece's daughter), and Kylee (my nephew's daughter) lifejackets too back in the Spring. So you can see, all are ready for the water.

I still need a big battery box & lid for the new battery already bought, and yet a second bilge pump. Then it's time to clean up the 14' MonArk & set up the new roof frame, and set everything back up once again. Then there's size 96 trotline cord for "The Giant" to catch him on. Calibration of the 600 pound digital scale. The boat sticker & trailer sticker too. It seems sometimes the list never ends.

Well, it's the first month for season 2021. Here are the URLs for the previous years of Catfish Calendars since mid-2010 here on the TFF-
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Yesterday, I posted an item concerning the Catfish Calendar. I figured I might post it here up front for the 2021 season for anyone new investigating my "Lynn's Catfish Calendar" [LCC]. Needless to say, I have been using it since the early 1980s, as well as finding the YellowCats' patterns.

My "Lynn's Catfish Calendar" is for Yellows, Blues, and Gator Gars. Quite a few here on the TFF use it. Some swear by it. In some families, they all utilize it. And some bass fishermen come over to the Catfish section to get it, because they also love to catch Yellows.

I did research on the calendar & the YellowCat underlying pattern from 1982 thru 1986 via rivers- Brazos, Navasota, and Trinity. That was Phase 1. Phase 2- lakes, began in 2002 on Lake Limestone. At Running Branch Marina I picked up the nickname of "Catfish". Everybody knew I was doing something special, as I was consistent. I finally taught a few there about the Calendar & YellowCats. They finally put it into action & within a month, they had a 60+ pound Yellow, and more to follow. In fact, they were the first ones to encounter "The Giant" (which still roams outside of Running Branch Marina).

My Calendar basically consists of 4 sigs, of which are YC = YellowCat, BC = BlueCat, BFT = Buffet (sort of an assortment), and ZIP = Poor or Nada. I also post a KEY with it. The 2021 KEY was released early back in September or October of 2020. It added two more tips to the KEY. I try to explain it simply that everything in this universe runs patterns. It is simply a matter of nailing down that pattern. If you want to call it nature or instinct or God-installed, it is your choice. But I also make note that the Calendar is affixed or compared to a ratio of about 66% to 75% (my estimate). The other being what I call "rogue", meaning that 25% to 33% dance to a different beat. In the first of each year, usually January, I include the previous year links, as I have shared further information on Yellows & the Calendar from time to time. I explain that this pattern seems to be some sort of "roam-feed" circuit switch which kicks them out of the house to go roam for their food.

I stumbled into it back in the early 1980s, plus I had two YellowCat teachers share what they knew of Yellows. But their knowledge did not get me to catch more Yellows. They were sporadic. I was working for an oilfield service company called The Western Company, and was in the cementing division. I had a specific days off pattern. All of a sudden, I started catching Yellows consistently on my days off. I realized they must have a pattern, and The Catfish Calendar resulted as to my further research findings, as I found a pattern for the Yellows. Then I used my teacher's knowledge along with it. But I also steumbled into an erratic pattern for Blues, too. Then I realized Gator Gars needed to be included, as it seems they run the same pattern as the Yellows, but it seemns to kick in a few hours ahead of the Yellows.

Along with the Calendar, I also have now included what I refer to as my PYC days, which stands for Lynn's "Personal YellowCat Days". This is the underlying pattern I found for Yellows. It is basically a 7 off, 2 on, 7 off, 2 on, 7 off, 3 on, then repeat. However, there is a slight variable. By understanding that & my Calendar (each day has the strongest of my 4 "sigs" noted for that day), I am able to track & pinpoint the PYC days from my experience. One TFFer shared their Grandfather once told them if you ever figured out the 7-2 pattern of the Yellows, you were onto them. So you see, I did not "invent" the Calendar, I just rediscovered it.

I also share how to use certain tips, such as there is not a gate that shuts at Midnight per each day (like the TP&W does for a daily catch). There is an overlap. By knowing this, you can key in on it & use it to your advantage. For instance, if you are going into a YC or PYC day, you can bait out the night before in order to capitalize on your "catch", if you were running set lines. If R-n-R-ing, you could start early. Or on the other end of the spectrum, finish late (like up to about Noon the following day). I suspect there is about a 12 hour possible overlap either way.

The PYC days therefore, are separate from the Calendar, even though from time to time the PYC pattern is reflected (sometimes shown) in the Calendar here & there. From time to time, I do a printed (hard copy) copy. I am doing one for 2021. It has the calendars for each month, plus pics and stories for each month. I am currently done doing each month & trying to finish up the 12 months of pics & stories for it. I was hoping to have it by New Years, but got delayed. Previous printed years have been-- 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2017. It does take some time to compile & is time-consuming, as to the printed version. I usually have all the data by August & September, to be able to map out the following year. The data is then transformed to a RTF (text) monthly setup. I do the RTF calendars fairly easy & I post each month here on the TFF for free. After having the data down in monthly, then 4 Quarters, I then study them to map out the PYC days. Since I cannot overlap the PYC days & the 4 sigs on the RTF, I have to list the PYC days separately. But in the printed (Hard Copy) edition, I can splice the PYC days just above the Calendar numbered days in each day's blocks. I also fit into each daily block, the 4 Moon phases & Holidays & Special Observance days.

My apologies for not having been able to get the Hard Copy ready just yet, but hope to have them ready and some printed before the end of the month. With the printed edition, you can map out your planned trips, as to the Calendar & PYC days, as well as your Turkey Day Trips (4 day Thanksgiving Freezer Run). I will let you know as soon I have them completed & this year's price. I have a new printer now-- Copy Stop. In fact, the manager is a YellowCat fisherman. My original printer was OfficeMax, which was absorbed by Office Depot, then they shut down the OM store here. OD here does not have the capability, so they send off the items such as calendars.

So let's kick it off for January 2021 here on the TFF (Texas Fishing Forum) without further ado ...

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- JANUARY 2021
Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday
XX / XX / XX / XX / XX | 1 BC | 2 BC
3 BC | 4 BC | 5 ZIP | 6 ZIP | 7 BFT | 8 BFT | 9 ZIP
10 ZIP | 11 ZIP | 12 ZIP | 13 BC | 14 BC | 15 BFT | 16 YC
17 YC | 18 ZIP | 19 ZIP | 20 BC | 21 BC | 22 BC | 23 ZIP
24 ZIP | 25 YC | 26 YC | 27 BC | 28 BC | 29 BC | 30 BFT
31 BFT

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2021 Moon Phases---
6th- Last Qtr
13th- New Moon
20th- 1st Qtr
28th- Full Moon

TARGETOS (Multiple Target Briefs)---

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2021 Lynn's PYC (Prime YellowCat) Days---
7/8 Thurs/Fri
15/16/17 Fri/Sat/Sun
25/26 Mon/Tues

Lynn's Catfish Calendar [LCC]- January 2021 Lynn's YC (YellowCat) Days (as to the Calendar)---
1st Week- NONE
2nd Week- NONE
3rd Week- 16 (Sat)
4th Week- 17 (Sun)
5th Week- 25/26 (Mon/Tues)
6th Week- NONE

***You might want to try the PYC days for those weeks that do not have YC days listed on the Calendar.

EXTRA--- Targeted BC (BlueCat) days this month (January 2021), by each week, are as follows:
1st Week- 1/2 (Fri/Sat)
2nd Week- 3/4 (Sun/Mon)
3rd Week- 13/14 (Wed/Thurs)
4th Week- 20/21/22 (Wed/Thurs/Fri)
5th Week- 27/28/29 (Wed/Thurs/Fri)
6th Week- NONE

Special Notes ...

** ALWAYS ... be sure to note that YC days are also great for Blues. So when you have a clump of BC & YC days, press forward. Like they say in pool (or billiards), Rack 'em Up!!!

*** And be sure to not get them (YC) confused with PYC days, as this (PYC) is my reference to the YellowCat underlying pattern. The YC days are the hardest pull for that day of the calendar, as to the 4 possible 'sigs" of mine [YC/BC/BFT/ZIP].

****This section below is just in case I can't find time on the keyboard just before or at the first few days. Plus it gives you the preview into the following month, so you are not left out in the cold, as to YC & BC days, as well as PYC days.

--->>> Next month's "Prelim"--
Looking ahead into February 2021, here is the first PYC grouping (according to the Lynn unit aka "Catfish"/"Catfish Lynn")---
3/4 (Wed/Thurs)
There are a total of 7 PYC days in February 2021.

And the earliest YC days in February 2021 (according to the Calendar)---
16/17 (Sat/Sun)
There are a total of 4 YC days in February 2021.

And the earliest BC days in February 2021 (according to the Calendar)---
1/2/3/4 Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon
There are a total of 11 BC days in February 2021.

Up ahead ...
And there are 11 BC days in February 2021.
But only 7 BC days in March 2021.
Furthermore, 9 BC days in April 2021.
As noted last month, your optimum is January & February for BlueCat days, for sure. February is usually tagged as Big BlueCat month by many, including me.

Here is the LCC 2021 KEY:

Lynn’s Catfish Calendar [LCC]- 2021 KEY:
YC = YellowCat // BC = BlueCat // BFT = Buffet (assorted) // ZIP = Zip (not very good)
Tip- Always bait out lines the night before a YC or BC day.
Tip- Gator Gars (GG) run ahead of YellowCats, so bait out late (between 11 PM to 1 AM).
Tip- BlueCats also bite good on YC days, but you can rack ‘em up on BC days.
Tip- Some variations or alterations are due to weather or other external influences.
Tip- For Rod-n-Reelers, use Solunar Tables (etc.) also for best times with my calendar.
Tip- Near Full Moon, Gator Gars & YellowCats seem to feed a few hours later.
Tip- Your biggest YellowCats may hit best towards beginning & end of YC or PYC days.
Tip- My PYC Days keys in on the YellowCat’s Feed/Roam Days Underlying Pattern.
Tip- Bleedover works both ways- Before & After a calendar day. Take advantage.
Tip- For better luck on ZIP days, try a stimulant (not natural) type bait, such as stink/punch/dough.
Tip- In my experiences, it seems ChannelCats (CC) bite best for me, on BFT days.

Don't Forget,
Be Safe,
Wear the Life Jacket!!!

aka "Catfish"